You are an inquisitor being held in a high security facility, it is in the rebellions interest that you are freed from the facility. A small group of the rebellion's elite bodyguards are enroute to the facility. The story starts with the task force making their way to your place of capture, however your eyes have been knifed out, no longer having the ability to see.






The scenario is set in the year 2965, and the inquisitors prison is located on planet K’lorin. On this planet live the home to the N’Deira faction, a power hungry force that want to take over the galaxy. The planet is home to many dangerous beasts, the rescue mission is very dangerous however it is imperative that the inquisitor (You) is saved for the survival of the rebellion.





The author wanted to explore the effects of characters within a game that has no visuals. A game like this would mean the likeability and playability would be heavily influenced by the dialogues role within the narrative. This would mean that the player could create the characteristics of the characters by listening to their voices. The dialogue will progress the story alongside sound effects that the author created for the project.


The project was realised from researching the effect dialogue can have within video games. Many different factors could change the judgement of the game from the player's perspective, such as the choice of voice actor chosen for the character, the quality of the narrative, the voice actor's experience and technical problems.




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Name: Angus Kennedy.

Role: Voice Actor.

Character: Sergeant Tippin.

Name: Ana-Maria Lazar

Role: Voice Actor.

Character: Abi Manea.

Name: Jack Densley.

Role: Voice Actor.

Character: Mack Wensley.

Name: Jordan Jackson.

Role: Voice Actor.

Character: Corden Waxton.



Name: Angus Parkin.

Role: Voice Actor.

Character: Jango Landin.

Name: Sophie Horler

Role: Voice Actor.

Character: Narrator.

Name: Lewis Thompson.

Role: Voice Actor.

Character: Briefing guy.

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Name: Jason Uncles

Role: Project manager/

Sound designer/ Programmer.


Name: Kieran Crawte

Role: Programmer.


Disclaimer - I do not own any of the artwork in the character previews, nor are they used within the full game. They are purely to give the player an idea of each character.

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